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2015-Jul-22 - Mourinho has on more th

ose Mourinho's thought it's hard to guess. Pre-competition Press Conference, a reporter asked Granero recently starting problem, Jose Mourinho with New Football Kits explained: "Granero continuous first this time, because he was a character and personality are very strong players, he was also a player of Real Madrid must not lose. Spent his career at Real Madrid, because he represents the spirit and temperament of Real Madrid, and he never gave me a bad impression. If there is one who should be most showed authentic marreese speights jersey up with opportunities, it's Esteban Granero. ???
After the comments of Mourinho, almost everyone believed that, Esteban Granero in Spain who first in the competition, including the Marka also play "pirate captain again" heading. However nobody thought was, the match, Mourinho does not give Granero first, even the chance to alternate on stage nor "pirates" just out "night shop scandal" actually won the first opportunity Khedira, Germany International also obtain a goal for Real Madrid. In a recent national team in a friendly match, Germany 1:2 lost to France, but Khedira and Eritrea Cir is in the still night after the game store, and Carnival to the next morning, turned out to be tabloid reporters took a positive. Several hours later, they flew back to Real Madrid, Mourinho's assistant coaches under the command of Faria took part in the team's training. Media there is no outgoing message of Real Madrid players to punish the two, but as people think, Mourinho with Custom Soccer Jersey will show the two players out there. However, the final outcome is Eritrea Cir and Khedira were first.
What's wrong with this problem? Spain Media peers believe Mourinho Khedira replaced Granero first, most likely with the big-name journalist Diego Pais GE???tuoleisi be irritated about, in fact, Mourinho has on more than one occasion by Diego GE???tuoleisi feel bad. In Spain people before the game, Diego GE???tuoleisi and wrote a satirical Mourinho article, conservative and beaten for the first time since Jose Mourinho as football George Bernard Shaw Wu after fans booed, he began to trust Granero. harrison barnes warriors jersey Before the hush, Esteban latrell sprewell jersey Granero, Primera Liga, only received 12 minutes of play time, however after it was hush, Esteban Granero in 4 home games were first, fans of Mourinho seems to want to take this to please bonawu, and Real Madrid also increased significantly, increase in team scoring, beautiful scene.
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2015-Jul-22 - of lost ball are is this causes

blessed luck. But in the second half, the defense was played after a certain level, there is no recurrence of the first half that focused on human error, the coverage does not, to limit the opponent's shot 3 times. Since the season, Real Madrid's opponents chances per game got shot 9 times, 3 of them shot, the Rayo Vallecano was 7 and 1. From a technical perspective, between Pepe and Ramos coincides with when, with the tacit agreement of also getting more mature, personnel discussions is unlikely. Arbelo Afro suspensions, injuries during Mourinho's tangled was was Marcelo-Arbeloa, is keentelang-Arbeloa. 4,231 formation requirements for Real Madrid Defender with Jersey Long Sleeve had Authentic Jack Butler Jersey assists on the ability, to extend offensive attacking width and depth, Marcelo in this regard than the keentelang. Brazil who had learned of the breakthrough, in the restricted area before the enemy can do with team-mate staircase walls coordination, on the other as long as the presence of Marcelo, Arbeloa rarely assist, maintain the balance of the formation. Keentelang is or, he is efforts, also is balanced, dang he and Arbeloa while presence Shang Shi, may is because features similar, Real Madrid will appears two a edge Defender while assists pressure Shang of situation, and this is Mourinho of tactical discipline in the strictly does not allows of, because so will damage balance, very easy is opponents playing wear, recent on Central army, on Levante of lost ball are is this causes. Now, Arbeloa shangyu, Marcelo's status and attitudes have changed, believe that Mourinho with Real Madrid Soccer Jersey will be after this line as the basis for continued in the next game of the season to keep their trust. However, because at the last moment to eat yellow, Pepe accumulated yellow cards will be in the next game against Spain people team suspensions. Real Madrid's "best defense" have been broken up, but Carvalho Authentic Donnie Shell Jersey had shangyu, small mavalane, Zhongwei queren impact will not be as large as missing Defender.
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2015-Jul-22 - League match at home t

Last week, is the Central Placement of the army banping last minute score, from the moment that is declared Real Madrid rear rectification movement began. Last 14 games, Real Madrid with Track Jackets lost the ball 16, is more than 1, Mourinho was training the week's sermon: "we must pay attention to the opponent, stay focused, task now is not to leave the ball, score will be yours sooner or later. "Casillas added that" from now on, cannot throw the ball must be our first task. Thus, competition to Rayo Vallecano, Real Madrid restart Arbeloa, draymond green warriors jersey Pepe, Ramos, Marcelo "combination of the strongest defender". Is will this section Defender line called Real Madrid of most strong defender line is because, this is this season Real Madrid using most frequently of a section Defender line, total 7 times played keep victory, respectively is 4:0 WINS Lyon, 4:0 WINS Malaga, 4:0 WINS Spain people, 3:0 WINS Villarreal, 3:2 WINS Valencia, 6:2 WINS Sevilla and 2:1 WINS Mallorca, into 26 ball, lost ball only 5 a. One of Mourinho in employment, especially for the left-back has been on the use of repeated. League match at home to Barcelona World War I because Arbeloa suspensions, injuries to Ricardo Carvalho, he keentelang played right guard, resulting in "golden hair" blow, but it did not shake the determination of Mourinho keentelang. Zhihou because Christmas holidays without self-discipline, Marcelo with Real Madrid Outdoor Jackets has been punished, keentelang continued in the main left-sided with the arrival. First leg of the King's Cup, he even ruled out combinations chris mullin warriors jersey of keentelang, Ramos, Carvalho and Altintop, gaofu 1:2 results. Mourinho started to reflection on the rear line of employment, then, Arbeloa shangyu comeback, made up for Beck, vacancy, and then to the Central army, recently have been less firm Marcelo also return to main.
From combat to Rayo Vallecano, first half defensive blunders Ramos, "alleged"-fist Diego Costa lucky to escape a red card, Real Madrid no goals and ultimately
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